First impressions count

My husband and I have decided we need a break.  Not from each other.  Well, not me anyway.  I can’t speak for him.  We’ve decided to pack the car with bikes, boots and books for a trip away ‘in the country’.

Our Shopping List

Country Break Shopping List

Our shopping list: fresh air, beautiful scenery, exercise, relaxation, good food, good wine, and comfortable surroundings (our desire for fresh air will be directly affected by adverse weather!) at a price that won’t break the bank.  We don’t want much.

Having decided on this mini-adventure the next step was research. I love research.  Whatever the purchase, I need to know what I’m spending my pennies on.  It’s a form of expectation management I think.  So, armed with the wonder of the world wide web (I still marvel at it), we set about our quest to find accommodation to fulfil our many and varied requirements.

We eventually settled upon two options, one a self catered apartment in Aberdovey and the other a hotel in Caernarfon.  So, we get sea air and mountain peaks in beautiful Snowdonia. I’m very excited.

Two things struck me when researching this trip:

One: If you have any spare cash hidden away, hotels are few and far between in mid / north Wales. B&Bs galore, but for travellers wanting to be able to spread out and relax indoors, rooms inside other people’s homes have their limitations.

Two: Websites matter. Whatever your industry. They are the first point of contact potential customers have with your business and, like it or lump it, first impressions count.  People will always judge a book by its cover.  We did. We chose our two destinations based almost entirely upon judgments we made from their websites, which were clean, full of appealing imagery and basically told us the things we needed to know.

We didn’t choose the hotel which raved about its delicious food, yet had an image of its three chefs complete with beards and shaggy hair. Not really what I want to think about when tucking into my leg of Welsh lamb.  Equally, we’re not going to the hotel which counts amongst its selling points the owner’s love of teddy bears. There’s a giant one in the living room apparently. Not that we’ll get to see it.

Maybe one day we’ll up sticks and become Snowdonian hoteliers.  With a decent website of course.


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