A Bag With Compartments

Of course, to go with my lovely new camera for grown-ups (see my Say Cheese post), I’ve had to acquire a Bag With Compartments.

This in itself is cause for celebration.  I’ve never had my personality ‘mapped’, but I’d hazard a guess that if I did, I’d fall firmly and squarely into the ‘organiser’ box.   Maybe with some overspill into the category reserved for practical would-be Boy Scouts.  That pile of papers on the sideboard that’s looking a bit messy?  I’ll find a filing cabinet.  That collection of pens, USB sticks and keyrings on the desk?  I’ll have just the right sized pot.  I have a compulsive urge to tidy and organise.

So, my lovely Bag With Compartments is my new best friend.  There are pockets for lenses, pouches for batteries and secret zippy sections for keeping all manner of ‘stuff’ that may one day be useful.  Spare SD card?  There’s a dedicated compartment for that.  An emery board for a broken nail? There’s a pocket for that too. Chance of rain?  Not a problem, the secret waterproof cover will spring into action like a super-hero protective tent.

Have a look for yourself.

Camera Bag

My Bag With Compartments

Yes, I took this shot myself with my flash new camera. Any excuse to get the shutter moving!

In short, my Bag With Compartments (a Lowepro Nova 160) means I can organise to my heart’s content. Oh, and of course, it means I can take my lovely new camera on journeys further than my own back garden. This camera is already the gift (to myself) that keeps on giving.


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