Twitter: Time Thief, Teacher, Relationship Builder

There I was, determined to have a productive day off. Armed with a list of tasks, I was focused and single-minded, intent on keeping to schedule and covering at least 80% of my list with big fat ticks and crossings out.

I needed to: speak to HMRC (yawn), enjoy a splurge on Amazon (‘essentials’ for the camera), sort a BA card in advance of my trip to New York (so I can flutter my eyelids and get a free bacon sarnie in a nice lounge – so I’m told), price check and renew / change home insurance provider, book entertainment and dinner reservations for aforementioned trip to NYC, book London hotel for a visit with the in-laws, create a culinary casserole masterpiece for dinner and head outside for some long-overdue green-fingered work in the garden. Oh, and some form of exercise (this week I’ve been especially hopeless at stretching my legs and lungs and I really must stop trying to cram it all in at the weekend).

But then came Twitter. It’s a jungle of information and getting lost or sidetracked is a hazard I sometimes struggle to avoid, sifting the useful and engaging (of which there’s plenty), from the useless and dubious (there’s plenty of that, too).  A ten minute ‘quick scan’ can result in hours of bouncing from post to post. Right now I have 17 tabs open. All of which are links I’ve followed from Twitter – or links from links on Twitter.

There’s a hashtag for pretty much anything and everything and today I’ve enjoyed good reads on writing and editing, as well as a fantastic piece from The Writer on why airlines should get George Clooney to write their emails, as well as the case (or otherwise) for mini-skirted boxers. I’ve also been followed by, and followed some interesting people and lost a good half hour or so looking at their websites, blogs and profiles.

My list is still distinctly clean and tick-free, but at least I’ve learnt stuff. And it’s a lovely day outside so I’m heading out into the real world now. The list can wait.


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