New York, New York

I’ve been rather quiet of late, and so I thought that whilst I work on my next post, I’d put up some photographic evidence of what’s been taking up my time.

Husband was flying out to Boston for work and it seemed rude not to follow him to nearby New York for a hedonistic blast of tourist indulgence.   We’d threatened to do this for years, but since NYC had become the stand-out entry on the ‘To Do’ list that we’d made on a beach somewhere back in 2010, it was only right that we sacrificed 5 days of our lives to tick the box.   

Besides, Gossip Girl was back on tv and I yearned to walk the same streets as Blair Waldorf and her minions.  Except in less glamorous attire. Comfy pumps were the order of the day. This was most definitely a heel-free trip.

We met at JFK Airport and negotiated the Subway into Manhattan.  From the Rockefeller Centre and the Empire State Building, to the Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and Central Park, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and a Starbucks on every corner, New York is full of wonderful tourist clichés that do what they say on the tin and have people going back for more, year after year. 

But it’s more than that.  It’s a city of surprises too – from the churches with their history and magnificent architecture, to the beautiful art deco buildings, the runners in Central Park, the abundance of fruit and veg at breakfast, the stranger who gave us directions on the Subway  and the sheer scale of it all; almost  everything about New York challenged my pre-conceptions about this machine of a city.

Perhaps some of these images will show why, and why I for one was completely won over by this fantastic city of energy, diversity, resilience and Gossip Girl glossiness.


The Empire State Building

Empire State Building and Manhattan Skyline

New York Mahattan Skyline

Matchbox City - Manhattan from the Empire State Building towards Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Occupy Wall Street Protestors

Occupy Wall Street Protestors - Tourist Attraction


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

St John The Divine Cathedral Church

St John The Divine Cathedral Church

Times Square

Times Square Energy

Grand Central Terminal

Chaos and Calm at Grand Central Terminal


Yellow Cabs

Yellow Cabs Outside Grand Central Terminal


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