Creative Writing

I am envious of my nine year old self. Back then my imagination knew no bounds. It did not get embarrassed at fantastical conclusions, nor cynical of implausible outcomes. I wrote story after story after story, illustrated with my own rather hopeless – yet creative – pictures. I felt as though I could climb inside the story, say hello to the characters and take them home for tea I knew them so well.

Years of education, exams and professional training (I trained to be a lawyer – no room for fantasy there) silenced the creative fairies that used to dance in my head and the stories stopped.

Then, in 2007 I moved into PR and marketing, and began writing fact-based articles, press releases and website copy – which I loved. In 2011, I started a creative writing class with the wonderful Mary Colvin and have slowly started to creep out of the creative darkness. My first class yielded a series of methodical spider diagrams and flow charts in place of a simple paragraph of text. I was immobilised by the need for perfection. I needed to know why I was writing, where it was going and what the final outcome would be.

The more I learnt, the more I realised that creativity cannot be systematically pre-planned, and that logic and perfectionism are the arch enemies of imagination. I read Jeff Goin’s writing manifesto which was a revelation (if you’re at all keen to write, I urge you to read it too), and I understood that I needed to just get on – and write.

I still like a plan – focus and direction are still my best friends, but I am getting reacquainted with spontaneity and am learning to just go with the flow when it comes to creative writing – and to see where it takes me.

I thought I’d share some of my short pieces here.


3 responses to “Creative Writing

  1. It’s amazing how my experience is similar to yours, Jo! I didn’t train to be a lawyer, but I reinvented myself by moving to PR around the same time (2007 – 2008) as you, and now I am taking a creative writing course and will probably continue with a few more. I follow Jeff Goins as well, and I love his manifesto.

    • Hi Natalie, Thanks for your comment – it’s always so good to know I’m in good company. I think it’s never too late to learn. When I was a lawyer I felt I’d become so one dimensional. Everything was about work and I had no time to do anything else. I’m making up for it now! I’ve just followed your blog – keep it up – and keep enjoying it! Jo x

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