You had me at hello. Why conversation still trumps social media.

An afternoon at the Winchester Art & Design Craft Market in Hampshire and a natter with some of the stall holders got me thinking.

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned smile and a hello.

Communicating is easier than it ever has been. Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn, blogs, tried and tested email, websites and even pen and paper and the postal service. We’re spoilt for choice. But everything is relative and a cheery hello, hi, ciao or salut can sometimes do as much for your business as a snazzy social media campaign.

Yes, social media and electronic methods of communication help us ‘talk’ to more people, more quickly, and across far wider areas than a single person can by traipsing the streets, but nothing beats face to face communication for building genuine relationships with your customers.

Whether you’re running a global business, or a local start-up, arguably the single most important thing for your brand is personality, and what better way for you to communicate your personality than by meeting people, listening to them, talking to them, having proper, real life conversations without the electronic barriers of screens, cables and contact forms. Conversation is the original social (media).

That’s not to say websites and social media don’t matter. They do. It’s all part of the bigger picture, and integrated marketing campaigns and ways of doing business will always be the most successful. But (especially) if you’re operating locally, be local. Go to your customers. Smile and say hello.

Lovely stuff at the Winchester Craft Market…

Gifted Hampers cupcakes

Gifted Hampers cute and unusual sock cupcakes

Chris Button Photography

Stunning scenic prints of local landscapes from Chris Button Photography

Scrabble ring

Scrabble rings courtesy of Delilah and Wild

Love Your Rocks beads.

Love Your Rocks beads. Yes please!

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