A Photographic Whirlwind Weekend

There’s nothing quite like a new job to shake things up a little. From the buzz of receiving the phone call which sets your life on a different path, to the first morning excitement of checking your outfit and polished shoes, the anticipation and promise of the unknown is always a thrill.
I started a new job at the beginning of February.  A ‘proper’ full-on, five day a week job, with a good old hefty commute thrown in for good measure.   It’s new and very exciting, but it does mean that I no longer have the luxury of time for writing and photography or leisurely tea breaks with my neighbour.

I’m having to reacquaint myself with the mechanics of domestic and social-life efficiency, as well as accept the reality of the 24 hour clock system and that sometimes, there really aren’t enough hours in the day.  The answer is probably to write a shorter ‘to do’ list, but when there’s so much to see and do, saying no is a discipline in itself.

So, with efficiency in mind, this weekend I found myself squeezing every last ounce of sunny free time out of the precious two agenda-less days, coordinating a photographic tour of the south coast like no other.

The London Eye

The London Eye


My photographic whirlwind started on Friday night on London’s Southbank, where I’d stopped for a few quick shots of the London Eye and to soak up the buzz of Friday night freedom.

I discovered a wonderful food market behind the Royal Festival Hall and after salivating over the freshly cooked paella, falafel, curries and organic beef burgers, Turkish delight, baklawa and macaroons, I settled on a posh Berkshire pork hot dog.
Cashew Baklawa

Sweet treats


Hot dogs on London's Southbank

Service with a smile – and a wink

On Saturday I discovered Meon Shore and Hill Head Sailing Club.  I’m a midlands girl born and bred, so being able to jump in the car and be at the coast in under half an hour is a real treat and I’m determined to make the most of it.

Sailing at Hill Head

Sailing at Hill Head

By evening I was at Hamble marina overlooking Fawley Power Station and oil refinery, for some sunset shots with a difference.  

Industrial Sunset

Industrial Sunset

One of the things I love most about the camera is that it encourages you to look at things differently and to see the drama and beauty in the mundane or ordinarily ugly.

Sunday was jam-packed with my first taste of Motocross, followed by golf, and yet more coastal air.



A calm sea meant little activity on the water, but for some it was a perfect opportunity for some sun-soaked contemplation.

Fisherman at Meon Shore

Sun-soaked contemplation

And why not? It’s always good to stop and take it all in once in a while.

4 responses to “A Photographic Whirlwind Weekend

    • Thanks olympicmama! He was a character and I couldn’t resist! I stood there with ketchup round my chops, hot dog in one hand, camera in the other, all totally under control of course!

  1. The first time I’ve ever been mentioned in a blog, am honoured! Sounds like a busy weekend, what was Jon doing?!

    • Haha. Not quite the national press, but almost as good, no? 😉 It was a full-on weekend and I was exhausted by Sunday night! Back to work for a break!

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